Twinkly’s Festive Smart Lighting Products Now Support Apple HomeKit – Review Geek

Twinkly Christmas lights controlled from a smartphone.

After years of waiting, Twinkly’s festive smart lights finally support Apple HomeKit. You can now control most of Twinkly’s smart lighting products (Gen 1 and Polygroup products don’t work) using the Apple Home app, a HomePod smart speaker, or Siri.

Twinkly is well known for its smart lighting products, which are incredibly colorful, customizable, and perfect for Christmas. The company’s Christmas tree lights are especially compelling—Twinkly lets you scan your tree, map out each LED’s location, and accurately program how each segment of the tree looks.

If you already own Twinkly lights, you can set them up with HomeKit after upgrading their firmware to version 2.8.3 or later. Just open the Twinkly app and perform a quick firmware update, then go to the Twinkly app menu to pair them with HomeKit.

Unfortunately, some of Twinkly’s built-in effects are currently inaccessible through HomeKit. You still need to use the Twinkly app to use these effects, though to be fair, color and scene changes are pretty snappy with Siri.

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