Usain Bolt on gaming, hologram tech and fast broadband

 As Virgin Media O2 celebrates its superfast Gig1 broadband going into its 15 millionth UK home, it showed us just how speedy it is with high-quality PORTL hologram technology.   

We get a glimpse into how the future of gaming is going to evolve, as they surprise a handful of lucky superfans with the hologram gaming experience and fastest-man-alive Usain Bolt to demonstrate the clear difference in speed with Gig1 broadband.  

Holograms: the future of Gaming?

How hologram tech is changing the future for Gaming Influencers 

Usain Bolt and his super fan play a video game via hologram projection on Virgin Media super fast broadband

(Image credit: Hope & Glory PR)

Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt and Alex, a 16 year old up-and-coming British 100 metre sprinter from London—who happens to be a Bolt mega-fan—played online games with a twist as the Jamaican Olympic Gold medallist appeared virtually as a 4K hologram, giving the illusion that he was in the same room.

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