Vision Pro international rollout beckons as China approves release

We’re expecting the Vision Pro international rollout to happen not long after WWDC, and we’ve now seen another element of the plan fall into place.

An “Apple wearable computer” has been granted the Chinese quality and safety accreditation it needs to be released for sale in the country …

Vision Pro international rollout

So far, the only official word we’ve had from Apple on the rollout of the spatial computer to more countries was back in March. CEO Tim Cook confirmed that China was one of the countries in line to see the device this year, but didn’t get any more specific than that on timings, and didn’t name any other countries.

But there have been multiple clues that some countries may not have long to wait. Back in March, code was found pointing to support for more languages for the Vision Pro virtual keyboard and auto-correct feature, as well as a report of French Apple Store staff being invited to training sessions.

Most recently, Bloomberg suggests that the international rollout may begin not too long after WWDC. While the actual wording was ambiguous, Gurman did note in his report that overseas retail staff were already being trained.

Chinese regulator approves release

South China Morning Post now reports that the device has been granted the approval necessary to go on sale in the country. While the certification doesn’t mention Vision Pro by name, there seems no doubt what it means.

A search on the website of product standards body China Quality Certification Centre (CQCC) showed that an Apple “wearable computer” had obtained from the Beijing-based agency on Monday a China Compulsory Certificate – a quality and safety accreditation required for all products sold in the country.

The unnamed Apple device, believed to be the Vision Pro, was shown in the search as made by Luxcase Precision Technology – a unit of Chinese electronics contract manufacturer Luxshare Precision Industry – in Kunshan, a city in eastern Jiangsu province.

Luxshare makes Vision Pro for Apple.

The high price of the device is expected to result in only modest sales in the country, especially as the keenest Apple fans had already obtained models from the US soon after launch.

“With the target consumer group already purchasing through other channels, the market response is expected to be calm,” said Counterpoint senior analyst Ivan Lam, who pointed out that many domestic consumers interested in the Vision Pro may have already got their hands on the device ahead of its official China release.

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