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Walmart has Apple iPhones on sale for Black Friday

Straight Talk Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB

Straight Talk Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB


People without pockets, listen up: You can get the world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone for $200 off today at Walmart. Yep, Walmart has the Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB for only $299 on straight talk wireless – which is a saving of $200. You’re practically making money by buying it.

Straight Talk Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB, Black – Prepaid Smartphone




Sure, this won’t solve the problem with impractical women’s clothing designs which champion sequins and slogans over pockets (if you’re reading this, just give us the pockets!) but it might mean you don’t have to awkwardly stuff your huge phone into a tiny purse with no space for anything else.

And if you do happen to have clothes with deep pockets – of the literal type rather than figurative, I mean – then there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the iPhone 12 Mini. Short people will agree that size isn’t indicative of quality, and that small things can pack a punch too. As is the case here. You’ll benefit from iOS 14, as well as iPhone’s incredible night-photography thanks to the night mode which works ridiculously well under low light conditions.

Plus it’s got a Ceramic Shield display on the 5.4 inch screen. What does that mean? Well, Apple says this is basically like a fancy built-in screen protector which means it has four times better drop performance…though I don’t suggest you test this out too often, obviously. Still, they’re confident that it’ll hold up to some pretty serious strain. So maybe it’s a good Christmas option for the somewhat clumsier kids (or adults) out there?

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