We have a launch date for the OnePlus 7T Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro seems like it just came out, especially since it was such a major launch for OnePlus. It was the first phone with a radically different hardware design, including that curved screen with a 90hz refresh rate on the display, but it turned out to be a really excellent phone.

So how does OnePlus top it? We don’t have the answer just yet, but we know they’ll be showing it off in October of this year.

October 15th has been pegged as the official sale date of the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro, after a US/EU announcement just a few days earlier on the 10th. Supposedly the phone will be announced in India even earlier than that, with an event at the end of September. That might be an attempt to pull some spotlight away from Apple’s new iPhones.

Those dates make sense, and line up pretty well with other OnePlus incremental launches. But it’s going to be tough to see how OnePlus continues to make better phones when they’re launching refreshed flagships every six months. Will the new devices have an even higher refresh rate camera? Maybe an in-display front-facing camera? Possibly just a better camera? A Snapdragon 855+ is likely a safe bet, but realistically, there’s not much more than can be done to a OnePlus 7 Pro that’s going to wow us at this point.

Maybe OnePlus can prove us wrong, though.

source: Max J. (Twitter)

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