Welcome Back to the Golden Apple Archipelago!: All Genshin 2.8 Events

A new Genshin Impact update means new events! Genshin Impact 2.8 will feature the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago, and a few events will take place on the islands.

Genshin Impact 2.8 Events

Summertime Odyssey

Summertime Odyssey is Genshin Impact 2.8’s main event, and takes place in the revamped Golden Apple Archipelago. Fischl is the main character this time, accompanied by Kazuha, Mona, and Xinyan. The event will feature character themed domains, and some Waverider-related challenges.

As summer comes into its own, Fischl receives an important missive and departs with everyone in tow to begin another marvelous sojourn.

Event Overview

  • Kaedehara Kazuha, Fischl, Mona, and Xinyan will each get their own themed domains. Each of these domain will have puzzles and mechanics related to the respective characters story.
  • Summertime Odyssey will also have six boat-racing challenges, where the boat has boosts that can power the boat through obstacles.
  • Iridescent Flotsam will be rewarded for clearing the domains and completing the boat-related challenges. These are also the event currency, which you can use to trade for various rewards, as well as a free Fischl.

Resonating Visions

Resonating Visions also takes place on the islands, and will require you to visit every nook and cranny to collect Echoing Conches. It will be worth it, as the new Fischl outfit “Ein Immernachtstraum” will be rewarded for free.

Among the many Phantasmal Conches scattered around the Golden Apple Archipelago, some might play the voices they recorded when being touched, while others might show you projections of the past. What hidden stories lie within them…

Event Overview

  • The Echoing Conches from the previous Golden Apple Archipelago event makes a return in Resonating Visions! 20 conches scattered all across the islands can be collected and listened to.
  • These conches contain glimpses of the past, each containing a different piece of a story. Once all conches have been collected, you can listen and see the full story revealed.
  • Once you’ve collected 16 out of the 20 conches, the 4* Fischl skin “Ein Immernachtstraum” will be available to claim for free.

Reminiscent Regimen

Reminiscent Regimen is comprised of three “themes,” which are all playable with friends! Explore the Golden Apple Archipelago and take on its challenges to earn various rewards.

Mirages that derive from various adventure experiences have quietly appeared somewhere in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Face the challenges within them and hone your adventuring skills!

Event Overview

Reminiscent Regimen will be coop-only, and will take place in the Golden Apple Archipelago map.

The event consists of three themes, with two stages per theme. The themes and stages are:

  • Descent
    • Descent: Dual Pressures
    • Descent: High-Pressure Lightning Strike
  • Raid
    • Raid: Swift Assault
    • Raid: Joined Forces
  • Convoy
    • Convoy: Breakout Operation
    • Convoy: Steady Progress

In “Descent,” you will begin from a platform high in the sky, and battle your way down to the sea. The following platform will only appear if all enemies are defeated on the current platform.

In “Raid,” navigate your Waverider and board floating platforms to defeat enemies. Travelers will have to sail through the marked locations before the wind currents activate.

In “Convoy,” you and your friends stand on a raft-like platform in the middle of the sea, and the goal is to escort it to its destination. Enemies will attack you on the way, and barriers will prevent the raft from moving forward.

Rewards can be earned by collecting coins and quickly defeating enemies.

Hidden Strife

Take the Diluc 5* outfit Red Dead of Night for a spin in Hidden Strife! The event will provide the backstory behind the outfit. As the game’s first 5* outfit, the skin features new effects, as well as an all-new idle animation. You will get the chance to try out the skin during the event, but if you want to keep it, you’ll have to purchase it from the shop.

During a spontaneous visit to the Dawn Winery on a summer day, the Traveler and Paimon notice something from the past that might pose a threat.

Event Overview

  • Hidden Strife is a battle event consisting of 7 challenges.
  • Within the time limit, you will need to obtain the “Afterimaged Might” effect by performing specific attacks, and then fighting powerful enemies. Only characters you own can be used.

The required attacks and corresponding buffs are as follows:

  • 6 Elemental Bursts
  • 20 Vaporize/Melt
  • 20 Electro Reactions
    • Electro Reactions shreds 70% of enemies’ DEF
  • 20 Swirls
  • 20 Claymore Attacks
    • Claymore DMG increased by 50%, Normal Attack speed increased by 40%
  • 20 Normal Attacks
  • 20 Frozen

Evermotion Mechanical Painting

Evermotion Mechanical Painting is a puzzle-based event that takes place in Mondstadt. The Traveler encounters a Fontaine citizen and aids him with restoring a painting.

Félix Yogue, a person from the Court of Fontaine, seems to be having some problems…

Event Overview

  • Basing off of these leaked images, as well as the gameplay preview, this event will be puzzle-based. The first half of the event will have players arranging gears onto a board to restore. This half of the event is named “Mechanical Painting Part Restoration,” of which there are six. Completing each part will reward 60 Primogems, 30000 Mora, and 3 Weapon Ascension materials.
  • In the second half of the event, players are given the six restored pieces of a painting, which have to be arranged in order for the full image to be visible.
  • The rewarded furnishing displays the finished painting inside your Serenitea Pot.

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