What Are Progressive Slots Machines And How Do They Work?

Progressive slots have gained a lot of traction in the last few years. Five years ago, only around 30 percent of all slot machines within a casino were progressive. Today that figure is now closer to 90 percent.  If you are new to gambling, you might not know a lot about progressives so we are here to tell you everything you need to know about these slots but were afraid to ask.  

Progressive slots are a type of slot machine with huge jackpots. The machine keeps a small share of your bet on every wager to go towards the jackpot prize. That amount continues to increase until someone eventually wins the jackpot. 

Comparing it to the lottery is one way to understand progressive slots. Even if no one succeeds, the lottery prize keeps increasing as long as people buy tickets. When someone wins the lottery, the payout resets to the initial jackpot. This is how progressive slot machines work. For instance, if you engage in a single losing spin on a machine with a progressive meter of $1,000, the jackpot will increase to $1,000 or a similarly close amount.

While a single progressive slot is possible, it is more common for a casino to have multiple slots with the same title that all receive the same prize. Since several individuals can bet on these slots when clustered together, the jackpots increase quickly. There are multiple tiers of jackpots in games. The quickest jackpot to win will be the lowest, while the hardest jackpot will be the largest. You can also check out the top 5 online progressive slots

Pros of Progressive Slot Machines

  1. They Offer Higher Payouts

Compared to machines that provide simple games, progressive slots typically offer players substantially greater prizes. Moreover, progressive games typically have a large number of pay lines. As a result, you can select many lines and make bets in various price brackets. This suggests that your chances of winning are significantly improved.

  1. Huge Variety of Jackpots

Some slot machine games offer many prizes in a single game, which is another benefit of progressive jackpots. There is sometimes a large variation, from the biggest to the lowest jackpots. Although smaller jackpots can occasionally be won, their value is often relatively modest. This is intended to accommodate all types of gamers, including those with minimal bankrolls and those that are more significant.

Cons of Progressive Slot Machines

  1. Lower Payout Percentage

Although Casino owners want you to win occasionally, they do not want the progressive jackpot to be won on a regular basis. Therefore, progressive slots generally have a lower payout percentage than typical slot machines. 

  1. Higher Minimum Rates

The minimum wagers on a traditional slot machine is often minimal, however, on a progressive slot machine, the minimum bet is higher due to the larger jackpots.

Strategies  for Playing Progressive Slots

Remember You can Win with a Minimum Bet

Not all progressive slots will have a stringent bet requirement for obtaining the highest jackpot prize. This means that you don’t have to put all your money in to win a huge jackpot. Several slots allow you to hit the progressive jackpot with the minimum bet.

Set a Loss Limit

Progressive slots generally have low Return To Player (RTP) and a high variance rate compared to other games. As a result, winning a decent amount in these games can be difficult and you may go through your funds without hitting the jackpot. Therefore, it is essential to set a loss limit to enjoy the game and without putting a dent in your wallet.

When you establish a loss limit in the beginning, you can stop playing once you reach that threshold. You could also set separate budgets for progressive slots and other casino games to limit your loss and enjoy the casino experience.

Know the Jackpot Prize Amount

First of all, you should determine the minimum progressive jackpot amount for the slots before you start playing it. While the minimum jackpot prize is generally high on most progressive slots, it is not wise to play them when the jackpot resets. You should play progressive slots that offer a jackpot prize that’s at least twice the minimum amount.

Final Verdict

All in all Progressive slot games have the same concept as lottery games. This is what attracts people to them so much. Most casino lovers enjoy playing progressive slots because they are simple to play and offer huge prizes. Why not give progressive slots a try and take home a jackpot?

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