What is Pixel Magic Eraser? Everything you need to know

Magic Eraser was introduced with the Pixel 6 range of handsets back in 2021 and has been a mainstay ever since. Here is everything you need to know about the camera software. 

The Google Pixel line has introduced a batch of new features over the years, with a big emphasis on AI. Some of the most popular new additions include Real Tone, Motion Blur and Face Unblur, as well as the titular Magic Eraser. 

Magic Eraser is a camera feature that opens up the doors to take perfect pictures every time you load up your camera app. It allows you to remove unwanted elements from your photos, from people to objects, without the need for a third-party app. 

For everything you need to know about Magic Eraser, including what it is, how it works and which devices it features on, make sure you keep reading. 

What does Magic Eraser do?

As previously mentioned, Magic Eraser can erase unwanted elements from your photos, whether that be a passer-by or a lampost. It can be found in the Google Photos app.

During our testing of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, we found that the feature often worked very well, with our Editor Max Parker claiming that this is a feature he will use often.

It works thanks to Google’s own machine learning and artificial intelligence, removing undesirable objects from shots and replacing them with colours and details that exist in the background already.

Unblur on Pixel 7 Pro
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It’s also shockingly easy to use the tool, as you can simply select the object you want to remove and press the Magic Eraser button. Sometimes, Google will even prompt you to remove certain objects in a photo that could be distracting or ruin the shot, suggesting that the AI is skilled enough to spot disturbances on its own.

On occasion, Magic Eraser won’t work as well, since it can sometimes unnaturally warp the background of a shot. However, for the most part, it works very well and is a handy add-on and perfect for anyone who’s looking for an Instagram-worthy shot.

Which devices support Magic Eraser?

Magic Eraser has been a mainstay since the Pixel 6 range, featuring on both the vanilla handset, Pixel 6 Pro and even the Pixel 6a. It can also be found on the Pixel 7a, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, giving all Google lovers the ability to use the handy camera trademark. 

Interestingly, anyone who owns an older Pixel phone, including the Pixel 5, Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 can also take advantage of the feature, provided the device is running on Android 12.

The back of the Pixel 7 Pro
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While we don’t have any firm confirmation as of yet, it’s highly suspected that Magic Eraser will make a comeback on the latest Pixel 8 series, including the Pro model. Google usually waits a few months until it releases the Pixel 8a handset, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it made an appearance on that device, too. 

Google finally released its first tablet, the Google Pixel Tablet in 2023. Since it comes with multiple camera capabilities, fans were thrilled to learn that Magic Eraser also made an appearance, making it a cornerstone of the overall Pixel series. 

Does Magic Eraser work in real time?

No, this feature does not work as you are taking the photo, though you can touch up any existing photos you have in the Google Photos app, no matter when the photo was taken.

You also can send photos taken on a different phone, like the iPhone 15, to a Pixel 6 series phone and use the Magic Eraser app that way, meaning that you don’t need to worry about taking the photo you want to edit specifically on a Pixel handset.

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