What Is Project S? Microsoft Plans a New Surface Device Ahead of Oct. 2 Event

It’s well known that Microsoft is working on a dual-screen PC codenamed Centaurus, but could the company also be working on a new project under its Surface division? According to a tweet from the famed Microsoft leaker, WalkingCat, that might be a possibility.

Although we have asked how it was specifically obtained, WalkingCat recently discovered a new Microsoft reference to something called “Project S.” It can be assumed that this was referring to Santorini, a flavor of Microsoft’s rumored CoreOS operating system, but WalkingCat seems to think otherwise.

In a Twitter reply to the well-respected Microsoft journalist, Mary Jo Foley, WalkingCat indicates that he believes Project S could be referring to something from the Surface division. He supports his claim by mentioning that Santorini is already the code name for a new UI experience — and that Project S “looks to be a device.”

WalkingCat does cast some doubt, but there still remains the possibility that Project S could be some sort of new Surface hardware. With Microsoft’s October 2 event coming up, and the folding PC already having the codename Surface Centaurus, this could very well indeed be referring to a new Surface product.

Time will tell what “Project S” is actually referring to, but for now, there is just speculation. It could even perhaps be a new portable speaker for which patents recently surfaced for, or it might be something new like an updated version of Surface Headphones. There also remains the possibility that it could be referring to a Surface-branded accessory, such as a keyboard or mouse.

“Project S” could perhaps even now be under development at Microsoft, or it could just be an old codename for an app or something that was already released. However, it is important to note that Project S could also be referring to something other than the Surface division.

As Microsoft makes gaming consoles, a holographic headset, and also sells cloud services, this could be related to one of those segments of the company. It might be for Xbox, Azure, HoloLens, or even a codename for an upcoming or new feature in the Windows 10 operating system.

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