What is Spotify Daylist?

Spotify is known for creating tailored playlists that are personalised to an individual’s listening, and Daylist is no different.

You may have seen the playlist on your Spotify homepage before, or maybe you’ve seen people sharing theirs on social media. Read on to learn more about Spotify’s Daylist and how to find your own Daylist. 

What is Spotify Daylist?

Daylist launched on Spotify back in September 2023. Coined as your day in a playlist, Spotify Daylist is a tailored playlist, available on all Spotify apps and its web browser, that updates at multiple points daily, based on your listening habits at that point. 

It works by learning your Spotify listening habits, including the genre of music you tend to favour at different points of the day, and uses this information to create a personalised playlist for you. 

For example, if you tend to listen to upbeat pop music on your Tuesday morning commute, but opt for rock music on a Friday night, then Daylist will offer you songs that correspond to your habits on those days. 

Although your Daylist will be found in the same place, each updated Daylist will have a different title that relates to the time of day and the sort of music you’re listening to at that point. In typical Spotify fashion, the titles promise to be playful and hyper-personalised.

You’ll also see on the playlist the time the next update will occur. 

Is Daylist only available for Premium users?

Daylist is available for anyone who has a Spotify account, regardless of whether it’s a Premium account or not. The differences are that if you’re a free user then you’ll get adverts between songs and you also won’t be able to choose the song the playlist starts on, but otherwise, Daylist will work exactly the same. 

Can you share your Daylist?

You can share your Daylists with others, and you can also save the curated playlist to your library, so you know you can listen to it again. To share or save, simply find the three-dot menu and share or save accordingly. 

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