What’s the difference between the two deal events?

The two biggest deal days of the year are just a few days apart and approaching quickly. Black Friday happens every year right after Thanksgiving with discounts well into the weekend and creeping into the beginning of the new week with Cyber Monday savings.

Because the days are so close together, is there really a difference between the two shopping holidays? We will investigate where the two events stand in 2023 and whether there’s a significant factor that designates a better time to shop.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: A historical look

When Black Friday first started gaining national attention in the US during the 1980s, the internet was still a fairly “new” and mysterious entity. And with no internet, most of the sales were to be shopped at in-person stores, and naturally, “Cyber Monday” did not exist. Therefore, Black Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year, with thousands of people pouring out of their homes to go to their favorite retailers to get a head start on their Christmas shopping. Naturally, retailers capitalized on this deep savings practice even more over the years, offering deals on big-ticket items, and thus the Black Friday we all know and love came to be.

With the internet going from mysterious to mainstream, Black Friday, which was primarily for brick-and-mortar stores, gave way to Cyber Monday in 2005, a shopping holiday for the online merchants of the world. In the early period, Cyber Monday was meant more for smaller items that could easily be shipped, while Black Friday was still the dominant day for more expensive items like TVs and appliances.

With each passing year, the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has become even more indistinguishable – and online-only retailers like Amazon started to cut prices on both the Friday and on the designated Cyber sale day. Similarly, retail locations extended the savings weekend and started offering in-store and online deals during Cyber Monday. In 2020, the COVID-19 made online shopping the norm, and for some, the only option, even further solidifying the two sales events as one big discounted weekend.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: The current state of things

Now, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have blended into an entire week of online and in-person deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and almost every other retailer imaginable. With the two events becoming more similar, the divide between big-ticket items on Black Friday and smaller items on Cyber Monday has dissipated. You can save money on headphones on Black Friday just as well as you can save on a TV on Cyber Monday.

Some items you’ll find on sale for Black Friday

There’s almost no reason to go to a store for Black Friday deals anymore. Sure, there might be some special door-buster deal early Friday morning, but just about every good deal you can find inside the store will also be available online.

In 2023, waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get the deals you want is not worth waiting for. Instead, you can get good deals all week before the events. In fact, there are several good reasons not to wait. Instead, you should snag the deals that look good to you when you see them because holding out for a better deal could ultimately mean missing out on the product you want to buy altogether.

What are big ticket items to get on Black Friday?

If you’re unsure what items to get on Black Friday, give our list of specific things to jump on for Black Friday instead of Cyber Monday a read, as it’ll help guide you in the right direction.

For those big-ticket items to buy on Black Friday, buckle in because we have already covered some good ones on Pocket-lint:

What are the best deals on Black Friday?

So what are some of the best deals we’ve found on Black Friday? Even though we’re just beginning the week, we’ve already found some amazing discounts worth buying immediately.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7

Samsung / Pocket-lint

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7

$500 $1000 Save $500

Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitor has gone on sale for half price. It offers gamers an absurd visual experience with Quantum Matrix Technology with Quantum Mini LEDs, advanced backlight control, and VESA Display HDR600. For gaming speed, it has a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.


LG / Pocket-lint


$550 $1300 Save $750

LG’s A2 is an entry-level OLED model, but an entry-level OLED is still a fantastic TV. While it scrimps a fair bit on features and performance, it still offers an incredible picture and is more than worth getting with such a massive discount.



Microsoft Xbox Series X

$450 $500 Save $50

This is the perfect time if you’ve been considering getting into the latest video game consoles. If you want the best graphics, highest-quality sound, and overall best gaming experience, the Xbox Series X is the console to own. Not only is it $50 off, but you also get a $50 Best Buy gift card with the purchase.

Amazon Fire TV 75 Omni QLED Series

Amazon / Pocket-lint

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series

$440 $600 Save $160

Amazon’s top Fire TV model offers a QLED panel for boosted visuals without an overly inflated price tag. This 55-inch model has a 27% discount, allowing you to stream all your favorite content without breaking the bank.

Hisense U7K

Hisense/ Pocket-lint

Hisense U7K

$900 $1500 Save $600

If you’re looking for a huge TV with Google TV OS built-in, look no further than the HiSense U7. This TV has won all sorts of awards for its incredible picture quality, and it’s on sale for 40 per cent off for Black Friday.

What are the items to get on Cyber Monday?

While the divide between the types of items to get on Black Friday and Cyber Monday has shrunk, some retailers still follow the old way and offer primarily smaller, cheaper items on Cyber Monday. So if you’re looking for cheaper gadgets like headphones, tablets, or anything else, Cyber Monday might be the better day to shop. Again, if you see a deal on a product you like (for example, there are already several iPad models on sale), you should jump on it while it’s there, because there’s no guarantee it’ll be better on Cyber Monday.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 is November 24, the day after the US celebrates Thanksgiving.

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

Cyber Monday 2023 is November 27, the first Monday after Black Friday.

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