WhatsApp feature gives more context on unknown group chats

Being added to an unknown chat group is certainly unpleasant, and Meta wants its users to know more about these groups. The company announced this week an update for WhatsApp that introduces a feature to help users and give them more context about unknown chat groups they’ve been added to.

Getting more details about WhatsApp chat groups

A new feature being rolled out to WhatsApp users shows a pop-up with details about group chats. Similar to the pop-up users see when they receive a message from someone who’s not in their contacts, this screen will show information such as who created that group chat, who added you, and when the group was created.

If the user feels annoyed at having been added to that group, there’ll be an “Exit Group” button along with the information pop-up. Of course, if you want to stay in the group chat, you can simply ignore the pop-up and start sending messages in it.

“This gives WhatsApp users an additional layer of safety and security, building on other tools like silencing unknown callers, chat lock, in-app privacy check-up, and controlling who can add you to groups as we continue building more ways for people to control their privacy,” a Meta spokesperson told 9to5Mac.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp users have the option of choosing whether anyone or only their contacts can add them to group chats.

WhatsApp rolls out feature to give more context on unknown group chats

Last month, WhatsApp also introduced some other new features, including the ability to send photos and videos in HD by default and improvements to video calls. Earlier this year, the app was updated with a refreshed interface on both iOS and Android.

WhatsApp is available for free on the App Store. Keep in mind that it may take some time for the new feature to show up on your device.

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