When And How Can You Trade $AVAX?

    It’s definitely a great time for the Avalanche network right now. The $AVAX token is extremely popular among users, due to the fact that Avalanche is one of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies, and that the coin can be purchased on the most popular crypto exchanges. Still, all those platforms have their own pros and cons.

    Let’s consider trading $AVAX on Rubic. Rubic offers one of the most convenient and beneficial ways to buy and sell $AVAX. Being a Multi-Chain Routing Protocol, Rubic unites 7 blockchains for Multi-Chain trading, including Avalanche. It means that you can exchange $AVAX for any token on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Moonriver, Fantom or Solana. More than 600 trading pairs with $AVAX are available on Rubic. 

    The main feature of our ecosystem is that Rubic simplifies transferring tokens across several networks. For example, swapping ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20 is extremely easy with Rubic. It is now not only possible but extremely simple; to buy any BSC token with any other ERC, POLY, AVAX, Moonriver, Solana or BSC token, in a one-click step and with no KYC required. Rubic is a first-mover, here and beyond.

    For users, Multi-Chain Swaps are no more complex than regular swaps: you need only select a token in the source network, a token in the target network, enter the amount to exchange, and click “Swap.” Within minutes, the user will receive tokens from the target network, at the same address from which they sent the transaction. For instance, you can easily implement a swap from $QUICK to $AVAX in under 2 minutes with Rubic. 

    Rubic’s mission is to allow users to swap any token for any other token, on and between all blockchains, in one place, with a simple and intuitive UI, up to 10 times faster than anyone else. 

    Using Rubic is quick and simple. You need either a MetaMask crypto wallet or a wallet that’s compatible with WalletConnect. Choose the blockchain through which you want to swap your tokens, and choose the trade which you’d like to complete. It won’t take you long to buy or sell on Rubic, so try it today and experience truly seamless Multi-Chain trading.

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