When Could The Samsung Galaxy A55 Launch?

When Can We Expect the Samsung Galaxy A55 To Be Unveiled?

When Could The Samsung Galaxy A55 Launch? 2
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There are no solid leaks on when the Samsung Galaxy A55 will be unveiled, but we can try to make some guesses on when it might launch. The first thing to keep in mind is that the A54, its predecessor, launched in March last year, so that might suggest it’ll launch at a similar time this year in March 2024.

But then again, one year’s launch doesn’t necessarily determine this year’s. For instance, the Galaxy A15 and Galaxy A25 launched globally in December (and had a quiet US launch in January), but the A14 launched in January and the A24 in April. So, things are clearly variable.

However, based on the amount of leaks we’ve been seeing for the A55, it is bound to launch relatively soon. I personally think MWC 2024 is too close, so we might see it launch in March, just like last year, or sometime in early April. As time goes on, we should get a better idea.

How Much Do We Know About the Samsung Galaxy A55?

Even though there are no solid whispers on when this phone might release to the world, there’s quite a bit that we already know about the Samsung Galaxy A55 and its specifications. The device will come with a few design upgrades over the Galaxy A54, including a metal frame with flat sides and a Key Island — a raised section of the frame that holds the power button and the volume rocker.

We’ll be getting Android 14 being powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 1480 chipset. It may also launch with a slightly bigger display; 0.1 inches larger than its predecessor, at 6.5 inches. The phone may launch in a single configuration with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage (hopefully, UFS 4.0). It should also come with a 5,000 mAh battery.

In the camera department, the A55 will come with a 50MP primary shooter, a 12MP ultrawide, and a 5MP macro lens. Some people like taking macro shots, but I’m certain more people prefer telephoto. It’ll come with a 32MP unit on the front for taking selfies.

Who Is The Galaxy A Series For?

When Could The Samsung Galaxy A55 Launch? 5
Image Credit: Samsung

There are a lot of smartphone series released by Samsung, and while it is easy to understand that S series are Samsung’s premium flagships and the Z series are the foldables, you might not be able to decipher what the A series is.

Well, it’s hard to tell through all of the company’s marketing speak, but it looks like the A series is for people looking for the best specs for different price points. For instance, the A15 and A25 are budget phones, the upcoming A35 and A55 are midrange. There used to be a 7 series, but that ended with the A73.

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