When will my Samsung phone get the Android 15 update?

Android 15 is a hugely anticipated upgrade, promising a focus on Gemini AI assistant, a wider rollout of Circle to Search and better scam detection.

As the first Android 15 beta has now been released, you may be wondering when the final version of Android 15 will be ready and, more specifically, if and when it’ll be available on your Samsung device. 

Although we don’t have all the information yet, we’ve put together a guide of when we’d expect Android 15 to be available on your Samsung device and which devices we’d expect will be eligible for the upgrade. If you really can’t wait any longer, we’ve also noted how you can access the Android 15 beta. 

When will my Samsung phone get the official Android 15 update?

According to Android Developer’s timeline, Google expects Android 15 to reach platform stability by June 2024 and from here, beta users will have “several months before the official release to do your final testing.”

Based on last year’s Android 14 release, the platform launched with the new Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. With this in mind, we’d expect Android 15 to be available alongside the expected Google Pixel 9 lineup, which we’d assume will launch in October 2024. 

Samsung also needs to integrate its OneUI skin with Android 15, so we’d expect it to be available soon after. Last year, Samsung launched its Android 14 update to its flagship devices just 26 days after Google Pixel devices were updated, so hopefully Samsung users won’t be waiting too long this time round.

Samsung Galaxy S24 on a chairSamsung Galaxy S24 on a chair
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Which Samsung phones will get the Android 15 update?

Samsung is fairly generous with its updates, offering four years of major OS upgrades for its newer flagship and mid-range smartphones since 2022. For more budget smartphones, Samsung has offered two years of upgrades, which include the following which launched on Android 13: 

  • Samsung Galaxy A15 (both the 4G and 5G handsets) 
  • Samsung Galaxy A24 (4G)
  • Samsung Galaxy A25
  • Samsung Galaxy A35
  • Samsung Galaxy A55
  • Samsung Galaxy F14
  • Samsung Galaxy F15
  • Samsung Galaxy F34
  • Samsung Galaxy F54
  • Samsung Galaxy M15
  • Samsung Galaxy M34 (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy M44 (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy M54

The following devices launched running Android 11 or above are also eligible for the Android 15 upgrade, based on Samsung’s four-year update policy:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series 
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Finally, Samsung has promised the new Galaxy S24 series will receive a massive seven years of OS updates, so naturally this series plus any new releases in 2024 will be eligible for Android 15.

Can I access the Android 15 beta on my Samsung phone?

Unlike manufacturers like Google and OnePlus, Samsung isn’t offering a public beta for Android 15 on its devices – not just yet, anyway. If that changes in future, we’ll be sure to update this section with more information about accessing the beta on Samsung devices.

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