Why Apple’s Magic Mouse is its worst-designed product


    The Magic Mouse and these stones seem to share a common design. 

    Sarah Tew/CNET

    Apple makes a great variety of products and one of those products’ biggest draws is ease of use. We’ve all seen videos of babies, and sometimes even animals, using Apple’s iPads and iPhones. Everything just work without you having to learn much.

    Well, everything except the Apple Magic Mouse. In my personal experience, using the device like any other mouse can hurt my hand. The Magic Mouse has a flat design that makes it uncomfortable to rest my hand on top of it. Perhaps I’m using the wrong grip and that’s on me.

    That being said, the Magic Mouse does have one other design feature that makes it stand out in the Apple product lineup, and not in a good way. To charge it, you must attach a lightning cable perpendicular to its base. This makes so little sense for a company that cares about design as much as Apple. Find out more on why the Apple Magic Mouse is the company’s worst-designed product in the video embedded above.

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