Why go for the iPhone 11 when iPhone XR deals have just crashed down in price?

The iPhone 11 might be the apple of your eye (sorry!) but as tempting as its processing prowess and camera capabilities might be, its daunting price tag is a reminder of why it might not quite be worth the investment yet.

But what is certainty proving to be a smart purchase right now is iPhone XR deals. The older device might have got placed on the back benches a bit with Apple’s shiny new team dominating the limelight. But after taking a hefty drop in price, we reckon the iPhone XR is actually the iPhone deal to be going for.

Two cut price offers especially stand out – one on contract and one SIM-free. Currently, there is only one contract worth considering and that is an unlimited data offer for just £39 a month. We can save you the time and say that is miles ahead of any other iPhone XR offer out there – and around £150 cheaper in total than the equivalent iPhone 11 tariff.

And, for those who would rather go SIM-free and then find their own SIM only deal to make a contract, Apple has cut the price of the iPhone XR by £100. Now, all of the other retailers have followed suit leading to a cost of just £629.

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