Why I still think Apple’s $30 wired EarPods are better than AirPods

    In the photo above, I emphatically believe that the budget Apple product on the left will greatly outlive the one on the right, even though the Cupertino giant’s most affordable listening gear no longer comes bundled with any Apple devices. Furthermore, having spent a significant amount of time with each set of Apple earbuds, I still think the option on the left is a better bet, hands down. 

    Before you ask, yes, I also have the set with the 3.5mm connection for my vintage iPod setup and other hi-res digital music player – and the separate Lightning dongle. These wonderful wired beasts are often dotted around my person, squirrelled away in pockets (I lost those neat square boxes a long time ago, where you had to snake the cable around in a halo to frame the earpieces) bags and coats because why not? It’s nigh on impossible to lose an earpiece, they were once free with your iPhone and even now, you’ll pay just $30 for Apple’s less-sexily named but supremely functional EarPods. 

    Apple EarPods have a feature you won’t find on other AirPods…

    Apple EarPods and AirPods 3 on black background

    EarPods have a very useful feature that AirPods don’t… (Image credit: TechRadar)

    No, you won’t get quick-pairing – because you don’t need any pairing here. Plug them in and you’re good to go, which means no waiting sans musique while the little things charge in their battery-pack nest. As long as there’s juice in your phone, so shall you have music when you own EarPods. 

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