Why is it important for businesses to create a charitable foundation?

Every modern company must pay attention to the social aspects of its work if it wants to be successful in its chosen segment. In this respect, Parimatch is no exception. The holding implements the concept of socially responsible business, for which the Parimatch Foundation was opened. Over the years since its inception, this organization has turned into an international charitable foundation. With its help, it is possible to implement corporate responsibility programs. Why did the company decide to create a charitable foundation? Its mission is to improve the well-being of society by caring for the health and harmonious physical development of children. Also, the Parimatch Children’s Aid Fund pays attention to education issues and fights against isolation or unequal access to the realization of their opportunities.


Effective charity company Parimatch

The modern charitable company Parimatch works in several directions at once, the most important of which is “New physical culture”, “So, I can!” and “Sports Mentor”. The Parimatch Children’s Aid Fund is constantly evolving, as can be seen at parimatch.foundation/en/. Here you can find a list of the fund’s partners, as well as current projects that are at different stages of implementation.

Because the holding has managed to create a charitable foundation and ensure its efficient operation, today tasks are being solved in several social areas:

  • development of youth and student sports;
  • creation of sports infrastructure in the country;
  • funding is provided for pediatric medicine;
  • important environmental initiatives are being implemented!

An important rule is to ensure a systematic approach to the implementation of initiatives. The charitable foundations for children with special needs and also ensure their involvement in sports. Charitable foundations for children should help popularize sports and education. This makes it possible to form a modern and successful person even at the stage of childhood and adolescence. The organization also provides targeted assistance to families in vulnerable sectors of society. The charitable foundation is well aware of how important the availability of quality education for all children is, so they make a lot of efforts to remove barriers to gaining knowledge and developing physical potential.