Why These Top Altcoins Are Likely To Generate Higher Gains Then Bitcoin

Bitcoin, considered the king of cryptocurrencies, dominates the market, but the entry of top altcoins presents high gains to investors. Many investors go for promising altcoins in search of higher growth potential. Among these top altcoins are Polygon and Avorak AI. With their innovative solutions and considerable growth potential, they are becoming more attractive than Bitcoin to some investors.

Avorak AI Could 100x This Summer

Avorak is already 325% up in ICO phase seven, up from its initial phase one price. AVRK is at $0.255 and rewards holders with on-top bonuses, Beta access, and priority staking. Avorak’s performance has attracted the attention of analysts and enthusiasts who have given the project various positive accolades. In addition, top Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets have shown interest in this small market-cap low-supply gem with a deflationary coin supply of 40 million. Avorak is set to launch at $1 and list on various exchanges, making it available at the open market with prevailing market prices, with some experts predicting an explosion. Crypto enthusiasts like Jacob Crypto Bury have visualized Avorak as a project ripe for explosion. Avorak has undergone a KYC by NOVOS and audits by CyberScope and SolidProof.

Avorak AI falls under AI crypto, which means it is presenting various AI use cases to the cryptocurrency space, from chatbots to image generators. Avorak’s content creator, Avorak Write, strives for nonrepetitive content to be proofread and edited to meet the user’s preferred style. Avorak Write, through its pre-written language bank, remedies the plagiarism issues plaguing the existing tools.

Crypto traders can simplify trading by using Avorak Trade Bot, which monitors markets 24/7 and sieves historical data for insights on the best possible combinations. Traders can automate their crypto trading by keying in simple command line instructions. The bot can also predict, with accuracy, the price movements of a particular asset, as seen in its Beta testing stage.

Polygon Is a Strong Choice For Huge Gains

Polygon (MATIC) is an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution aiming to address some Ethereum network limitations, including high fees and slow transaction processing times. Polygons have already significantly contributed to the DeFi ecosystem by providing faster and more affordable transactions. MATIC is the native cryptocurrency of Polygon, formerly known as Matic blockchain. The coin serves multiple purposes on the Polygon blockchain, including governance, staking, and payment of network fees. MATIC holders can vote on changes to the blockchain, stake their crypto to earn returns and use it to pay fees. It has garnered partnerships and adoption from several high-profile companies. Although it is considered a safe investment, it comes with high volatility due to its attachment to Ethereum.

Wrap Up

Bitcoins’ struggle to break into the comfort zone of $32,000 is taking a toll on some investors as it stagnates between $26,000 and $27,000. As a result, some investors diversify into promising small-cap altcoins like Avorak AI. Avorak AI’s portfolio of products simplifies human-led processes using AI technology. The project’s innovative solutions are revolutionizing the global market and are being adopted by many businesses.

Learn more on Avorak AI and its ICO here:

Website: https://avorak.ai
Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register 

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