Why video content marketing is important?

According to a survey, around 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched around the world every day. Well, that’s huge! But not surprising. Because videos have been dominating the digital space for a while and will continue to do so.

Therefore, you should include video marketing in your next digital marketing strategy if you already haven’t done it. Before getting into the importance of using videos in your strategy, let us find out what video marketing actually is.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is video marketing?

We all know that an image is worth a thousand words. When it comes to a video, multiply that by another thousand. That makes the basis of video marketing, and effective marketing to engage with your target audience during your marketing campaigns.

Video marketing includes using high-quality videos to promote and tell people about the products and services you offer. It will help increase the engagement on your social channels, educate your audience, and reach out to more potential clients.

Wondering about the benefits associated with video marketing? And why you should have them in your plan? Continue to read to find them out.

Benefits of video marketing

  1. Boost conversions and sales

Let’s talk about the most crucial thing first. Using video can help make you some serious money. After all, money is the crux of all. When you add a product video to your landing page, you can increase the conversion by as much as 80%.

Videos are directly associated with sales too. Based on a study, 74% of the buyers who watch an explainer video subsequently buy it. Therefore, it is high time that you start creating exciting product videos now!

  1. Good return on investment

The return on investment you get from your video depends on various factors. It may depend on how well you have organized the content strategy and the quality of your videos. Based on a survey by WYZOwl, 83% of the respondents feel that videos give a good return on investment.

Though you may feel videos are an expensive and time-consuming thing, there are many tools that will get your job done quickly. They will help you create engaging explainer videos at a lower cost but definitely provide the return you are expecting from your video.

  1. More website traffic

When you invest in video marketing, you are likely to see an increase in your website traffic. Based on a survey, 83% of the marketers say that video marketing has helped them boost their website traffic. They also feel that including videos has increased the dwell time on their website.

With every video you are uploading on your website, you are giving more information about your brand and what you have to offer. The more they stay on your website, the higher ranking you will get on search engines as well.

  1. Reach decision-makers

Did you know around three-quarters of the business executives watch work-related videos weekly (based on a survey by HighIQ)? Not only that, around 54 per cent of the senior executives share work-related videos with other colleagues weekly.

Above all, a great chunk of senior executives feels that if text and video are present on the same topic on the same page, they will prefer video to text, and for obvious reasons!

That clearly indicates that the decision-makers of a company also look for video content before making any buying decisions. So, you must have a video description of your products and services present on your website and on social channels.

  1. Potential for getting viral

When you really make a good video that is entertaining and amusing, it has the potential to get more shares within your target audience and eventually get viral.

They are one of the most engaged forms of content on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Your audience may share your video with their friends and family who may share it forward too. The potential here is endless.

The trick to get shares is to come up with ideas that are unique and heart-touching. Create something that really hits the mark with your audience.

  1. Videos build trust

People understand better when they see a product demonstration in a video. According to Google, around 50 per cent of the users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting the physical store.

It indicates the need for videos to establish trust between brands and consumers. You can include tutorials and testimonials in your video to build trust. The optimal length for tutorials and testimonials is around 60 to 180 seconds.

In the testimonials, you can share experiences of your past customers about how they felt and liked your products or services.

A word of warning

As you have understood by now that video content can increase the conversion rates in sales and help boost your revenue.

However, if you upload poor-quality videos, it may have a reverse effect on the customer. If you don’t present your products and services in high-quality videos, you will drive away prospective business.

The quality of the video should be your highest concern along with other marketing aspects. With high-quality videos, you will be confident that your business will scale to better and greater heights.

Just remember, quality matters!

Wrapping up

Video is amongst the widely used content across the world and the fact is that it is going to stay. In an impersonal digital world, they create a sense of connectivity. We get to see and hear people in a meaningful way.

They are not just meant for fun but to get close to your audience and give them a glimpse of what you do. You can share more about your products or services and show them something about your philosophy. The more they know about you, the more they are likely to stick around. So, if you haven’t yet purchased, it’s high time to look for an online video editor