WinWinCoins Announces Final Call for Investors to Participate 2WC Presale

    WinWinCoins is a lifesaver for beginners in the crypto sphere as it offers artificial intelligence-based robots to automate their trading. The stats say that the majority of the newbies tend to lose their money invested in the crypto assets due to the lack of market knowledge. WinWinCoins bridges this gap between freshers and the market to not only assist them in earning good profits, but also, provide them a chance to explore the space to know more.

    The bots will buy, sell, trade, and operate 24/7 with the inputs (strategy) gathered from users, irrespective of greed/fear, and play a crucial role in accomplishing overall efficiency. The following are the primary factors that make WinWinCoins the ultimate crypto solution – A trader can get rid of boring repetitive tasks (to buy and sell), improve accuracy in the trading, and make day-trading feasible and lucrative.

    “We are elated to increase crypto adoption by helping traders get good returns through expanded integration of artificial intelligence-based bots,” asserts CEO&FOUNDER Badreddine Slime

    The indigenous token of the platform, 2WC, is a BEP-20 standard token (also an ERC-20 bridge available) built on the Binance Smart Chain network. The total supply of the coins is 100,000,000,000 (100 billion), and these tokens are split by a percentage across an assorted range of events to make them beneficial for holders in the long term. Also, the smart contracts of 2WC tokens are designed in a way to restrict whales from dumping their tokens all at once. The anti-whale and anti-bot mechanisms prevent any holder from selling over 50,000,000 tokens to make the holders accrue its real value. Their smart contracts are successfully audited by SolidProof and the project has passed the KYC verification as well.

    Once the presale comes to an end, the public sale of 2WC will go live. The coin will be listed in PancakeSwap and will be available for purchase directly.

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