With Elgato’s Green Screen deal, your streams will never look the same again

Introducing a green screen is one of the easiest ways to inject some life into your streaming setup. Installing a backdrop allows you to remove your bedroom or office space from the picture, providing a simple way to set the mood. The Elgato Green Screen is a popular option among streaming, providing a full-fledged backdrop that’s also simple and collapsible when not in use. You can now score a limited-time discount for Black Friday, knocking 20% off its usual RRP.

The Elgato Green Screen is designed for camera chroma keying, allowing you to add various backdrops to your content. It’s an excellent pick-up for those on Twitch, YouTube, or even TikTok, enabling you to spice up your content with professional-grade effects. In recent years it’s also found use in video conferencing, obscuring a background while working from home.

The current 20% backdrop cuts $32 off the usual RRP on Amazon, pricing the Elgato Green Screen at $127.99 on Amazon this Black Friday.

Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen

Simple to get started and easily collapsible into a compact case, the Elgato Green Screen is a perfect companion for streaming or video conferencing when working from home. It’s now 20% for its lowest price on record.

$128 at Amazon

The Elgato Green Screen’s simplicity is one of its most appealing attributes to streamers, designed as easy to set up and collapse between creating content. When expanded, you’re getting a 180cm x 148cm backdrop, providing ample room for indoor chroma keying. It also retracts into a compact case, measuring 164cm x 10cm x 11cm, according to Elgato, making this easy to stash in any cupboard or storage space.

Around the back, you’ve got a pneumatic “x-frame” design, providing a quick and sturdy way to set up your backdrop. It pops up and collapses in seconds, with its anti-wrinkle material requiring no extra love before getting started. You can check our Elgato Green Screen review for more details.

“If you ever wanted to use a green screen but were put off by the cumbersome nature of setting one up, then Elgato just fixed every problem,” said Windows Central editor Richard Devine in our review. “The Elgato Green Screen is fantastically easy to use, high quality and can be used in even the tightest of spaces since you can pack it away again in seconds.”

The Elgato Green Screen often hovers around its $160 RRP, and its $127.99 Black Friday price is the lowest we’ve seen since launch.

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