Xbox is getting an AI chatbot to provide support and facilitate game refunds

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is reportedly testing an AI chatbot for Xbox internally, designed to facilitate game refunds and provide online support for gamers. 
  • The chatbot dubbed Xbox Support Virtual Agent is being tested internally on Minecraft Realms server hosting help queries.
  • This tool is part of Microsoft’s broader plans to integrate AI into gaming, Xbox, content creation, game operations, and more.

As expected, Microsoft is set to bring an AI-powered chatbot dubbed Xbox Support Virtual Agent to its Xbox ecosystem. Sources with close affiliations with Microsoft indicate it has been testing the tool internally. As the name suggests, the tool will respond to Xbox support queries and even take you through the game refund process (via The Verge). 

While speaking to the outlet, Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft’s GM of Gaming AI at Xbox indicated:

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