Xiaomi Crowdfunding Brings Rux Robot: A Smart Desk Friend

The Rux Robot Will Keep You Company And Help You Out

Xiaomi Crowdfunding Brings Rux Robot: A Smart Desk Friend 4
Image Credit: Xiaomi Crowdfunding

If you’re going to get an intelligent desk robot to be fun and keep you company, it’d be best to have one with some added utility. That’s what I like so much about Rux Robot, made by a Chinese company called Le Tian Pai, and supported by the Xiaomi Crowdfunding platform.

This little guy can do all the things that you’d expect a smart desk robot to do: Rux can react intelligently to the way you touch it, recognize gestures, return to its charging plate on its own, develop a unique personality after interacting with you, and it can play games, dance, and do other cute things.

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But where it sets itself apart from its competitors is with the power of AI. Artificial Intelligence is more potent in consumer’s hands now than ever, and using AI and ChatGPT integration, it can answer questions you ask, have realistic conversations, and help you solve problems that you face while working. It’s basically a know-it-all work buddy.

What Are The Rux Robot’s Specifications?

Xiaomi Crowdfunding Brings Rux Robot: A Smart Desk Friend 5
Image Credit: Xiaomi Crowdfunding

Rux Robot runs on two operating systems, Android and Linux, and thanks to these familiar platforms, users can write their own code for Rux using Python. This means the versatility that you get out of the box doesn’t need to be all of it. It can also receive OTA updates to fix bugs and add more functionality.

On the hardware side of things, I can’t say what is classified as good or not for a smart robot, but the specifications seem mostly respectable. You’ll get 32GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM, and a quad-core processor. Rux will show its emotions and other information through a circular 2.1-inch touchscreen. A 2,650 mAh battery keeps Rux alive, and it charges wirelessly through a charging plate.

Xiaomi Crowdfunding Brings Rux Robot: A Smart Desk Friend 6
Image Credit: Xiaomi Crowdfunding

Rux also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 and has support for ten languages right out of the box. There’s currently a discount sale going on, so if you want to make Rux your own, you can purchase it at $399 via Xiaomi Crowdfunding. It is available in White and Black.

What Is Xiaomi Crowdfunding?

Xiaomi Crowdfunding is a Xiaomi project that aims to bring exciting products from the Chinese market to the world. Before, these products were available to Chinese consumers through a crowdfunding platform unique to them. Still, Xiaomi Crowdfunding serves as a way to give global tech consumers a taste of the magic, including some of Xiaomi’s non-smartphone products like their electric scooter.

Xiaomi Crowdfunding Brings Rux Robot: A Smart Desk Friend 7
Image Credit: Xiaomi Crowdfunding

However, it is majorly an e-commerce platform, with the occasional product requiring crowdfunding. What do you think about the platform and, more importantly, Rux Robot? Will you be getting one? Let us know.

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