Xiaomi surprises as Redmi K20 receives Android 10 on day one

Xiaomi has been trapped with a well-earned notoriety of painfully slow software updates for years, but their value-flagship beast got the latest Android on day one, alongside Google’s Pixels and the Essential Phone.

Xiaomi, along with pretty-well all Chinese mobile OEMs, are infamous for their lacklustre and sloth-like software updates for their mobile phones, and while Xiaomi’s record, in particular, has improved somewhat of late, the majority of their phones took around half a year to receive last year’s Android Pie.

Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, has managed to overthrow this trend, though, as they managed a feat not even seen by some other companies well-known for their updates like Nokia, by having managed to launch Google‘s latest Android 10 for their value-flagship king, the Redmi K20 (aka Mi 9T), on day one, alongside Google’s own Pixels and Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, after the device was enrolled in the Android Q Beta Program alongside some 20 other devices from a variety of mobile OEMs.

Released within an update for MUI 10, Xiaomi’s company Android skin, this update to Android 10 so shockingly quickly is a rather impressive feat given just how ‘customised’ MIUI is, in comparison to Google and Essential’s more-or-less stock ROMs; I can only assume this feat was achieved via the modularisation of Android, labelled ‘Project Treble‘, introduced by Google starting in Android Oreo and furthered in Android Pie.

Hopefully this feat will also lead to swift updates for all of Xiaomi’s other devices, given they all run the same Mi UI with small tweaks for each device – though I would expect their mobile suite to all be updated in a matter of months, still, not weeks.

Nevertheless, it’s an impressive feat for Xiaomi to have updated even just one of their devices so quickly, given the heavily customised Android experience; though still somewhat depressing that our industry is such that timely updates are a feat in the first place.

Great job Xiaomi, and Redmi.

Source: XDA Developers

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