Xiaomi’s Redmi K30 and its 120hz display set to launch on December 10th

Xiaomi’s next value-flagship and its tantalising 120hz display featuring S10+ reminiscent camera cutout is now mere days away with the official launch set for December 10th.

Xiaomi and their fellow Chinese technology brands have been chasing up the value game with a new category of ‘value-flagship’ and ‘sub-flagship’ smartphones offering flagship or near-flagship specs and features, respectively, for much more reasonable prices than their Apple, Samsung, and Huawei contenders.

Xiaomi launched their own wipeout offensive on both categories with their newly offshot sub-brand Redmi’s K20 and K20 Pro, known as the Mi 9T and 9T Pro globally, earlier this year, offering a full suite of cameras, bezelless display and popup camera, and excellent sub-flagchip Snapdragon 730 or full-flagchip Snapdragon 855 respectively, at very attractive $300US and $400US base prices.

They are still excellent phones these five months later, however even in only that half-year since the phones debuted great steps forward in mobile technology have continued to develop, namely in the display refresh-rate technologies with Redmi K20 Pro competition like Oppo‘s Realme X2 Pro sporting a 90hz display (vs the standard 60hz); while the only 120hz AMOLED so far has been found in the ASUS ROG Phone II.

We now know that Xiaomi will be chasing that smoothness trend themselves with their upcoming Redmi K30 (Mi 10T? Mi 10X? Mi 9+?…) and its presumed ‘Pro’ variant, and today Xiaomi has announced that the phone(s) will see their launch in just over a week on December 10th.

With the announcement teaser image Xiaomi has also reconfirmed that there will be a 5G variant of the Redmi K30 launching in January, when the entire K30 series had previously been teased to launch, and Xiaomi claims it to be a ‘5G Pioneer’ at a reasonable price.

We’ll have to wait a few more days for all the details though so stay tuned to Talk Android!

Source: Weibo

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