You Can Now Buy .RSVP Websites

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Google’s dominance over the web also extends to owning a domain registry. The company manages several Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as .day and .new, and now there’s another website ending for the taking: .rsvp.

Google announced the new domain name format earlier this year, but starting today, registrations are open to the public. A few companies already spent a lot of money to be among the first with the new TLD, such as for private walking tours in San Francisco, and for the event-planning platform Partiful.

Before you jump at the chance to register a domain for your next party or startup company, keep in mind that pricing is still in the “Early Access Program.” The current registration price is set at $11,500, plus $12 per year after that. That initial cost will drop each day, going to $3,500, then $1,150, and so on until it goes away entirely on November 15. After that point, buying a .rsvp domain through most domain sites will just be $12 per year — about as much as a typical .com or .net website.

You can purchase a .rsvp domain at multiple domain registries, including Google Domains, Hover, GoDaddy, Gandi, and other providers.

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