You can now chat with Microsoft Copilot in this popular messaging app

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Copilot now works within the Telegram app on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • You can interact with Copilot in a similar way to a one-to-one message, holding a “conversation” with the AI tool performing tasks for you.
  • Copilot can search the web, help with various tasks, and tell jokes.
  • Telegram integration with Copilot is in beta right now but can be accessed easily by following a link.

Microsoft has found another way to let you interact with Copilot easily. You can now chat with the AI-powered bot through Telegram, a popular third-party messaging app. Telegram is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives and also a feature-rich app in its own right. Now, the app integrates with Copilot by having support for a bot.

Because Copilot’s integration with Telegram is done through a bot, it works in both official Telegram apps and third-party apps such as Unigram.

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