You can stream Netflix for free – but there’s a catch


Now that you’ve clicked the clickbaity title, we have bad news for you. While you can watch Netflix without paying out a single cent and without doing anything illegal, you can’t do so in the US. Or pretty any other region unless you happen to live in Kenya where you can now watch Netflix without needing to enter in your payment details.

It sounds awesome, right? Well, don’t be too jealous because those on the free tier are limited to viewing content on Android devices, so there’s no Ultra HD quality content or the ability to cast to a TV or view on a computer. The option to download content for viewing when offline is also omitted with only a limited selection of the Netflix library available to be watched. Those viewing options are only available to those on a paid subscription, who also have access to the full Netflix catalog.

Netflix has a habit of trying out new products and ideas in developing countries which perhaps suit the local populace but aren’t planned to be rolled out to markets such as the US or Europe. Will we see the Kenya experiment expanded to other regions? While it’s unlikely to come to the US if it’s successful in Kenya it could be extended to other developing countries in Africa and Asia perhaps.


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