You Don’t Need to Wait Until Prime Day for These Govee Deals

Amazon Prime Day is only a week away, but you can save on great Govee products now.

Recently, I moved to a new place, and I realized I needed new lights. My overhead lights are fine, but they are bright, which causes issues with them reflecting off my computer screen or being too much when I’m trying to wind down for the night. I need lighting that I can easily control the brightness of depending on the time of day, and when it comes to smart lights, I always browse Govee’s products first. While I don’t usually take advantage of the millions of colors available on these smart lights, the ability to adjust brightness and warmth from the Govee phone app can’t be beat.

As it turns out, Govee has started its Prime Day sale early, so if you’re also in the market for some new lighting, now is a great chance to upgrade.

I, for one, am excited to try out this RGBIC Floor Lamp, which is on sale for $60. This lamp gives off a lot of light, but what sets it apart is the super slim form factor, making it easy to slide in anywhere. While Govee has released a Floor Lamp 2, the original model is still a fantastic purchase, especially at this price.

floor lamp 1

Govee Floor Lamp

$59.99 $99.99 Save $40

Looking to illuminate a spot in a room but don’t have a lot of space? Govee’s Floor Lamp is perfect for you, and at $60, it’s also the perfect price!

Another good lighting option? These TV Lighting Bars! TV backlights are important if you like watching shows and movies in a darkened room, as they reduce eye strain—and they can also enhance your experience! While these light bars do not automatically change colors depending on what’s on screen, there are Scene Modes that offer different colors based on moods. If that isn’t for you, you can choose a static color and adjust the brightness and warmth for a fuss-free TV backlight. Given that this is only $50 after clipping the coupon on the page, it’s a great deal for essential lighting.

goveee light bars

Govee TV Backlight Light Bars

$49.99 $69.99 Save $20

Get some light bars for your TV to reduce eye strain! At only $50 when you clip the coupon on the page, this price is hard to beat.

These aren’t the only Govee products on sale, so browse the store page and see if anything else catches your eye!

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