You might need to void your manufacturer’s warranty to run Windows 11

Microsoft’s Health Check app has again been made available to download after the app was removed in June. While the app was created to help users determine if their system is ready to run the upcoming Windows 11 operating system (due to release to the public on Oct 5), some folk are still reporting issues.

There are also new concerns appearing regarding the Windows 11 beta installer, with The Verge reporting a pop-up message that informs the user that if they proceed with installing Windows 11 on a device that doesn’t meet the system requirements, not only will they not receive updates and support will be dropped, but they’ll also have to sign a waiver.

This waiver (that you ‘sign’ by simply pressing accept) asks you to acknowledge that all damages to your PC due to a lack of compatibility will not be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty.

A pop up message asking Windows 11 users to sign a digital waiver to continue with installation

(Image credit: Microsoft / The Verge)

How to download the Health Check app

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