You simply cannot miss this hard drive deal if you’re a new NAS owner

NAS storage is particularly expensive compared to what you’d normally pay for desktop and laptop PC drives. NAS owners like myself generally wait for promotions like Black Friday when we’ll find countless discounts across numerous NAS drives and this year is no different.

1TB NAS drives would normally set one back $60, but Western Digital’s 3TB Red HDD is on sale for just $60. That’s three times the storage capacity for the exact same price you’d pay for the lowest (and cheapest) NAS drive outside of Black Friday. If you’re just starting out with your first NAS, you’re in luck!

Western Digital Red HDD

Western Digital Red 3TB HDD | 19% off

We’re used to seeing 1TB NAS HDDs priced at $60 as the entry point, but right now you can multiply that by three to get 3TB for the exact same price!

$60 at Amazon

Western Digital’s Red series of NAS HDDs is the company’s budget range, but that doesn’t mean they’re not decent enough for continuous use inside an enclosure. The major differences between Western Digital Red and Red Plus are the SMR and CMR tech (how data is stored), maximum capacity (6TB vs. 14TB), and recommended workload rate (180TB/yr vs. 300TB/yr).

Everything else is the same. You get a 5400 RPM motor, estimated time before a failure of 1 million hours, and can be installed in a configuration of eight. This is a great starting point for a new NAS owner.

This deal is set to expire by the end of the day (Nov. 26) so be sure to act quickly if you’re wanting to grab a few for your NAS. If you’re still unsure which enclosure you should buy this Black Friday, we’ve got you covered by listing all the best Black Friday NAS deals for you to browse.

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