Your next Arm PC could run on a chip made by someone other than Qualcomm

What you need to know

  • MediaTek will make an Arm-based chip for Windows PCs, according to a recent report.
  • Qualcomm has reportedly had an exclusive agreement with Microsoft regarding making Arm chips for PCs, but that agreement is said to conclude at the end of this year.
  • MediaTek will reportedly release its Arm-based chip for PCs late in 2024.
  • That chip is said to be based on Arm’s ready-made designs.

Qualcomm is the only company that makes chips for Arm-based Windows PCs at the moment, but that’s about to change. According to Reuters, Taiwanese chip designer MediaTek will make chips for Windows computers as soon as next year. The outlet cited several sources who confirmed the news that could cause a shakeup in Arm-based computing.

A previous report by Reuters revealed that Microsoft has had an exclusive agreement with Qualcomm since 2016. That agreement made Qualcomm the only company allowed to build Arm chips for Windows computers. That agreement reportedly ends at the conclusion of 2024, opening the doors for other companies to make Arm chips for Windows PCs.

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