Zenless Zone Zero – Beginners Game Guide

In this guide to Zenless Zone Zero, we will help you get started as well as give you a few helpful gameplay tips along the way. Let’s begin!

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Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay

After downloading and installing Zenless Zone Zero from the Play Store, you will need to choose one of the two Proxies as your character. There are two options: Wise (Male), or Belle (Female).

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As you start off in the game it is advisable to follow the initial tutorial as it will help you to understand the basics of Zenless Zone Zero. However, in this article, we will give you the basics on how to play the game as well as what the Icons are used for.

Basic Controls & Icons

Located on the left-hand side of your screen is the joystick. This controls the direction you are moving in. By moving the joystick forward, backward, or sideways you will determine the direction your character will move in.

To change your view, use your right hand to slide your finger in the position you would like to look toward. By doing this you will have a better idea of your surroundings and the direction to go.

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The sprint button is used to make you move much faster. Hold it in while moving your joystick makes you run faster. When you release it, you will move at a slower pace again.

On the bottom left side of your game screen, you will find the Interaction button. This button will allow you to interact with the other characters in the game. People that you can interact with will have a red interaction speech bubble above them.

Your Commission (Quest) is displayed on the top left-hand side of your screen.

The Inter-knot button will take you to the screen where your in-game notifications, (all the New Eridu news is here), your daily schedule, as well as your Inter-knot level (player level) are displayed.

Located on the top Left side of your screen is the Main Menu Icon. Tapping on this will take you directly to your game’s main page.

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On your main screen, you will find the following Icons in Zenless Zone Zero:

Main Menu Icons Main Menu Icons

Profile Tab

Personal homepage, friends, invite friends, and recent multiplayers found here.

Options Tab

Change your graphics, Input, Audio, Language, Account, and other settings for Zenless Zone Zero here.

Achievements Tab

On this screen, you can see the achievements you have reached as well as the achievements in Zenless Zone Zero you can still work toward for rewards.

Inter-knot Tab

This is your player level. Here you can see the Notifications, Schedule, and Inter-knot level.

Storage Tab

Your W-Engine, Drive Disc, Materials, and your Key Items that are stored are displayed here.

Agents Tab

All your agents are displayed here. Each agent’s stats, skills, and equipment are found here. This information is useful when choosing agents for your quests.

Exchange Polychrome Tab

Here you can change from Monochrome to Polychrome with Polychromes. This is the premium in-game currency in Zenless Zone Zero.

Denny Tab

Denny is the currency you will use to purchase items from the local shops to upgrade your agents.

Restore Battery Charge

Battery Charge is the stamina meter in Zenless Zone Zero. Battery charge is required to participate in specific quests. Spend polychrome to buy extra battery charge.

More Features Tab

More Features PhotoMore Features Photo
  • Proxy Handbook with combat rules, Hollow exploration, and Neighborhood info and guidelines are located here.
  • Mail – All your mail is found here. Check it regularly for any possible rewards to be claimed, and important messages.
  • Notices – Announcements and events are displayed here.
  • Feedback – Send feedback to the developer of any issues or suggestions here.
  • Strategy Station – Link to Zenless Zone Zero’s Official website, where guides etc. from the developer are found.
  • Log out – Tap here to log out of Zenless Zone Zero.
  • Redemption Code – Insert an available redemption code here for extra rewards.
  • Unstuck – Tapping here will allow you to return to a place where you can move if you are stuck in a place that you can’t get out of in Zenless Zone Zero.

Basic Combat Guide for Zenless Zone Zero

Combat Screen Controls

HP and Energy Bars

Your HP and Energy bar is displayed on the top left-hand side of your combat screen. The Green bar represents your HP, and the Blue bar is your Energy.

Hp and Energy PhotoHp and Energy Photo

Wrapping Up!

These are just a few features available on Zenless Zone Zero. This game is sure to be one of those action-packed Combat RPG’s that will have everyone wanting to download and play it!

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