Amazing! Apple Watch detects woman’s pregnancy; clinical test confirms it

Apple Watch has reportedly detected a woman’s pregnancy even before clinical tests.

Apple Watch is definitely one of the most loved companion health devices as it comes with a bunch of useful features such as heart monitoring, ECG, oximeter, and more. While we have read about Apple Watch detecting heart attacks, tumours and other health issues so many times in the past, this time, however, it has been credited for supposedly detecting a woman’s pregnancy even before she could figure it out. In fact, Apple Watch detected pregnancy before clinical testing.

As shared on Reddit, a 34-year-old woman noticed that her Apple Watch pointed out a considerable increase in her average resting heart rate in a matter of days.She said, “Usually my resting heart rate is about 57 and my heart rate has increased to 72.” She became suspicious as there are a lot of reasons why a person’s heart rate increases considerably. Initially, she thought that she could have COVID-19 since some people can experience fast heart rate as one of the symptoms, but the COVID test showed negative results.

She then found some articles online saying that a pregnant woman can also notice an accelerated heart rate in the very first weeks of pregnancy. “I read sometimes this happens with early pregnancy and sure enough instantly the test was positive,” she shared on social media.

After that she went to a clinic for a pregnancy test and was confirmed that she is four weeks pregnant. Though, Apple Watch has no official feature to detect pregnancy, it can detect unusual things going on in the body just by the change in average heart rate.

Meanwhile, with the iOS 16 update, Apple Watch brought an important feature for women- Cycle Tracking app. It lets users record details about their menstrual cycle and help them keep a track of it. With Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, the tech giant has brought a body temperature sensor that can track period predictions and provide retrospective ovulation estimates.

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