Apple may switch to USB-C for all its AirPods and Mac accessories by 2024

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Apple is reportedly planning to adopt USB Type-C more widely within its portfolio, including on the AirPods lineup as well as Mac accessories. This is according to reliable tipster on everything Apple, Mark Gurman.

Writing in his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg, Gurman expects the tech giant to transition most of its products to USB-C, including the iPhone series, iPads, AirPods and even the Magic Mouse by 2024. This is of course in accordance with the USB-C mandate that will be enforced by the European Union which pushes for the port to be a common charging standard across the industry. 


Hence, Apple must also comply with the mandate and from an economical standpoint, will also fully change its product portfolio to USB-C globally instead of just making different products for the EU. However, Gurman also claimed that Apple’s switch to USB-C may be short-lived as the tech giant wants to transition the iPhone and iPad ‘entirely’ to inductive charging in the next few years, essentially making the devices portless. 

Of course, do take this information with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed as of yet. Nevertheless, the future looks to be convenient with all products using the same charging standards. 

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