Carl Pei teases a return to Android that could essentially be a Nothing smartphone

    Ever since he left OnePlus and created Nothing, it has been thought that Carl Pei would turn his hand to smartphones again, and it could be that 2022 is the year that it will happen if his teasing tweet (and Qualcomm and Android’s replies) is anything to go by.

    His obtuse tweet (embedded above) alludes to Carl Pei returning to an Android device, which by itself isn’t particularly newsworthy, but the replies from the Android and Snapdragon social media accounts are what make it interesting and worthy of extrapolation.

    Snapdragon’s reply is particularly interesting because it signifies that all three protagonists are united in a task. With Nothing having picked up what was left of Essential, the likelihood of a smartphone being produced was always one that seemed to be on the cards.

    When it will be announced, what it will be called, and all the other pertinent details of the rumored handset are entirely unknown at this point, and to be honest, the embedded tweets above are doing an awful lot of work. All the same, it seems likely that Nothing will launch an Android smartphone at some point during 2022. It’s surely just a matter of time.

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