Wait till you see how cheap Beats Studio Buds are right now

Don’t call it a comeback as the Beats brand never really disappeared, but you could argue it’s hard a bit of a makeover in recent years, starting with the Studio Buds true wireless.

The Studio Buds were one of the first headphones to embrace the new approach to sound that Beats was aiming for, and if you’ve been waiting for a significant price drop for these headphones, you no longer have to wait.

Head over to Currys and the Studio Buds have had a big £60 wiped off their RRP, bringing them down to less than a £100. That’s one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen for this true wireless that we can remember.

Look at how cheap Beats Studio Buds are right now

Look at how cheap Beats Studio Buds are right now

Save £60 on the Beats Studio Buds, which have fallen to £99 in this early Black Friday deal

And we found the Studio Buds to be a very solid wireless earbud when we reviewed them, with a well-balanced audio performance characterised by sharp highs, a clear and detailed midrange, and weighty bass. The noise-cancellation is another area where the Beats are solid, reducing the intensity of external sounds so commutes and general walking to and fro becomes a more peaceful experience.

Call quality is also decent, picking up the speaker’s voice with good clarity and not allowing the sounds around you from muffling what’s being said. Bluetooth connectivity is good too, reliable enough that you can walk through busy places without the signal dropping too much that it becomes an issue.

We liked the Beats Studio Buds when they were priced at £170, so they represent even better value at their discounted price of £99. They’re a good quality true wireless at one of the lowest prices we’ve seen them at.

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